A Message from the Chairman

Greetings and welcome to The Middlesex Hospital Nurses’ Benevolent Fund website.

The aim of the MHNBF is to support our Middlesex colleagues who are members of MHNBF. The Trustees and I are constantly reminded how special and individual Middlesex nurses are, and of the great loyalty felt by Middlesex alumni. It is an honour and a privilege to take my turn in holding together the threads of this association of Middlesex nurses and thank you to all our members for your continued support for us, the Trustees.

Angela Wedgwood

You, our members, are situated all over the UK and overseas and we welcome communication; if you would like to get in touch just go to the Contact Us section. Any former nurses on the staff of The Middlesex who wish to join can also find an application form in the Contact Us section.

Our members are vital in maintaining the work that we do in supporting former Middlesex nurses. In 2023 we have continued to develop the role of our dedicated ‘Link Nurses’, who, in most regions of the UK, are a point of contact for our members. We know the very great value that the Link Nurses offer, and we are confident that in the months to come our members will feel better connected.

The 12 dedicated Trustees are all unpaid volunteers, who all trained at The Middlesex Hospital and are committed to fulfilling the objectives of the charity. We maintain close contact with our members so no-one should feel alone or forgotten, and we also look to the future in supporting our current working members in professional development. We work together to make the best decisions we can for the benefit of members and ensure the charity does what it was set up to do.

I look forward to working with the other Trustees in continuing to promote the Middlesex Hospital heritage together with making a positive impact for our members where indicated.

Best wishes.

Angela Wedgwood
November 2023


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