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Grand'ma Ma

A member looks back at the challenges of studying for an MA at an older age.

“What on earth am I doing here?” I thought, when, in October 2018, I found myself in a lecture room at the University of Birmingham. Not as a speaker - that would have few terrors for me, but as an 87-year-old student starting on a part-time, 2-year master’s course and with no undergraduate degree. I promise you that the terror of ‘new girl’ syndrome does not diminish with age. I looked at my fellow-students, young enough to be my children (and grand-children), confident and busy setting up their laptops and microphones, whilst I fished out my pad and pen and sort of wished myself elsewhere. BUT, if the Director had accepted me, I owed it to him, if nobody else, to have a go.

The challenges and exhilarations together with life’s upheavals are vividly described in this uplifting article.

The author concludes by saying that old age is never lonely, dull or uneventful.


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