2020 – The International Year of the Nurse and Midwifery

The media has brought these heroic nurses into our daily lives though the sacrifices the journalists, crew members are undertaking for us all globally.

Different approaches of the feeling of hopelessness is gigantic, the enormous tasks of the different supply chains. The support our country appears to be giving is overwhelming, to reduce the pandemic of the Covid-19.

The Nightingale Spirit is reappearing, a quote:

"In August (1854) Miss Nightingale went as a volunteer to the Middlesex Hospital to ‘superintend’ the nursing of cholera patients."

Hopefully this gave some strength for all her outstanding future capabilities. We still maintain in the 21st Century.

One of the primary purposes of The Middlesex Hospital Nurses’ Benevolent Fund is those members who are in need through sickness or adverse circumstances to apply for assistance.

If there are any present members or may be other eligible nurses who may want to join the MHNBF, please make contact.

Reference: Cecil Woodham-Smith Florence Nightingale 1820 – 910, the Reprint Society 1952 p. 91.


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